Get setup and introduced to VARlab's VR Course and learning materials.

Lesson 1 - Intro to Unreal Engine 4

Become acquainted with Unreal Engine 4. Learn how to navigate a game world and place objects in your level.

Lesson 2 - Blueprinting

Begin programming with Unreal Engine's Blueprint system.

Lesson 3 - Blueprint Communication

Learn ways to communicate between blueprints to create a fully interactive Shooting Gallery.

Lesson 4 - Locomotion and Perspective

Learn about using different perspectives and types of locomotion in an effort to make comfortable VR experiences.

Lesson 5 - Physics

Learn how to use UE4 physics!

Lesson 6 - Materials

Learn how to use Unreal's robust Material system to make cool looking shaders.

Lesson 7 - Gaze Based Selection

Learn how to select things with gaze!

Lesson 8 - AI

Learn how to use Behavior Trees and Blackboards with C++ Classes!